5 Reasons to Choose Custom African Safari Tours and More


Pictured: A Massai guide leads clients on a walking safari in The Mara Conservancy, Kenya

The 5 reasons to choose a custom African safari show how a trip to Africa will take you on an immersive journey that transcends being “just” a trip; it will be a soul-stirring immersion into the spirit of Africa and often high on a bucket list of places to see in your lifetime.

Traverse the sun-drenched savannas, witness the majestic dance of wildlife against a breathtaking backdrop of crimson sunsets, and listen to the gentle breeze rustling through the trees amid the calls of unseen creatures. 

Africa is a living experience – where the wildlife is constantly on the move, controlled only by seasonal changes. We unveil the 5 reasons why a custom African safari is the ultimate choice for your next trip, by revealing why it must be created around the time you want to travel. A safari in Africa offers the undeniable allure of the wild coupled with exciting luxury, for an unforgettable experience that will exceed even your wildest dreams.

Why Book a Customized Safari

Whether your heart yearns for the unparalleled luxury of a private tented camp overlooking a private watering hole or an authentic adventure under the starry sky, your all-inclusive African has a diverse spectrum of packages designed around your interests, travel style, and budget. These are the top reasons why your trip should be customized to your requirements.

1. Variety of Safari Options

Explore diverse safari options in Africa. Classic Game Drives unveils iconic wildlife. Walking Safaris immerse you in the bush's essential atmosphere, guided by seasoned rangers. Indulge in Luxury Safaris with gourmet meals in exquisite lodges overlooking breathtaking landscapes. 

Include a bit of the unusual on your safari by sleeping under the stars in a treehouse or stay in a high comfort during Mobile Camping Safaris that give you a nomadic thrill. Boating Safaris let you glide along waterways, spotting hippos and crocodiles. You could also elevate your experience with Aerial Safaris, soaring above the savanna in hot air balloons or helicopters for panoramic views.

Planning and booking your custom Africa safari experience with an expert streamlines the process, ensuring you a seamless and stress-free trip. A custom safari experience can be tailored to your interests, from your flight to your transfers, your accommodations, to the types of safaris you take suggesting hidden gems and the unique variety of safari options along the way. 

2. Convenience and Simplicity

A private custom safari adventure immediately provides you with convenience and simplicity when planning your safari adventure with seamless transportation and logistical coverage. 

Instead of the hassle of researching, planning, and booking every stage of your flights and transportation, you can work with an expert safari planner to handle every detail of your tailored safari experience. 

Leave your worries behind as your dedicated safari driver whisks you away from the airport, taking you through the expanding grasslands or stretch of baobab trees. Arrive at your luxurious lodge or an intimate tented camp greeted by warm smiles and refreshing welcome drinks. 

Discover a meticulously curated itinerary filled with thrilling game drives, captivating bush walks, and authentic cultural encounters, all pre-arranged. You can sit back, relax, and let the rhythm of the African wilderness guide your days knowing every detail has been precisely planned and is being expertly managed. 

3. Better Value for Money

The upfront cost of a custom safari can appear higher than booking individual components separately, but a safari tour tailored to you, gives you significantly better value for your money.

By bundling your accommodations, meals, transportation, activities, and entrance fees into a single package, all-inclusive safaris generally give you substantial discounts compared to booking each element à la carte. It's easy to overlook hidden costs like airport transfers, park entrance fees, and gratuities if you aren’t familiar with the safari-planning landscape. A custom African safari package eliminates these surprises, ensuring you have a clear budget from the outset. Born Free Safaris can even work with you if you are using points at a hotel.

Consider using an expert safari operator who knows how to leverage their buying power and established relationships with local vendors to secure the best rates on accommodations, activities, and transportation for your trip. This translates to cost savings you wouldn't be able to achieve on your own.

In the end, planning a safari yourself is time-consuming and can be overwhelming. A tailor-made wildlife safari package releases you from the hassle of research, discovery, and booking. Instead, you can work with a safari expert to plan your trip around your dream experience. Instead of challenges, roadblocks, or uncertainty, you can focus on the exciting details like packing your safari gear and choosing your ideal travel dates.

4. Peace of Mind

Our GUARANTEED DEPARTURES policy can give you all major services under one roof in case of an emergency. With Born Free Safaris, your safari will proceed regardless of enrollment, but we understand that unforeseen circumstances like flight delays or cancellations can disrupt your travel plans. In such situations, we do our utmost to assist you and minimize the impact on your safari experience.

Our dedicated team of expert safari planners and tour guides will be available to help you rebook your flights and transportation, or explore alternative travel options to ensure you reach your destination in time for your African safari adventure.

If your arrival time is significantly delayed, we will work with our guides and partners to adjust your itinerary accordingly. This may involve rescheduling activities or adjusting your arrival point to minimize lost time. We will keep you informed throughout the process by providing updates and guidance to ensure you have all the information you need to make informed decisions.

Our goal is to minimize disruptions to your safari experience. While unforeseen circumstances may require some adjustments, our expertise and flexibility ensure you still enjoy a memorable and fulfilling trip to Africa. 

5. Expert Guidance and Planning

The joy of your trip should start with the planning process. A safari specialist becomes your travel partner, not just someone who books a trip. They learn what about travel excites, why a safari experience, and can find the hidden details in the story of your favorite trip. 

Our guides during a custom African safari are more than just drivers or wildlife spotters; our guides are the essential ingredient that elevates your African adventure to an unforgettable experience. 

More than just leading a group, the role of our safari guides is to act as seasoned professionals demonstrating their unparalleled expertise in wildlife knowledge, seasoned game tracking, and their keen eye for finding even the most elusive creatures in the wild. They are resourceful problem solvers who can handle any situation that arises. They are more than just a guide service; they are your personal hosts, anticipating your needs, ensuring your comfort, and securing your well-being throughout your safari.

With a personalized African safari tour, your guides are carefully matched to your specific interests, family dynamics, and personalities. Whether you're a seasoned wildlife enthusiast or a curious first-timer, your guide will tailor the experience to your preferences. 

Each guide undergoes rigorous training in diverse areas, including:

  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Local ecology
  • Animal behavior 
  • Cultural Insights
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Hotel Relations
  • First Aid

By booking with a reputable travel company, you will have guides committed to exceeding your expectations. They will be confident in their abilities, possess a genuine passion for Africa, and have a knack for injecting humor and knowledge into your journey.

This is often a sign of experience and expertise combined with a guide’s deep understanding of the African landscape and its inhabitants. A trusted guide becomes an unforgettable companion, knowledgeable instructor, and passionate ambassador helping you witness the incredible wildlife while immersing you in the true essence of Africa.

Custom Safaris Are More Affordable Than You Think

A custom safari does not have to translate to “expensive”. It is planned for you and your traveling companions, around the resources you have allowed for your trip. Other important factors will be considered that are key in creating a trip to Africa, such as the time of year you are traveling and your comfort level. 

Buying a set itinerary “off the shelf” can be a wonderful experience, however, it will not always be the best places to travel during your travel window. If you want to see the Mona Lisa and it’s on tour at the Met in New York, you wouldn’t travel all the way to Paris to see it— it simply wouldn’t be there.


Parks and reserves are large and your accommodations might look great but may not be in the correct spot. If you want to see the famous Great Migration, your accommodation might offer you the image of a classic example of the Serengeti in the north end of the park but the beautiful accommodation shown on the itinerary is in the south corner of the Serengeti, three hours away. When on safari, location is as important as style. 

Is a custom safari better than an all-inclusive safari?

It may surprise you but a custom safari is better than an all-inclusive safari tour. 

At first glance, an all-inclusive safari may seem like a budget-friendly option. All-inclusive offers generic packages at set costs, requiring you adhere to the departure dates, specific locations, and lodges. All of these details will affect your overall experience based on the time of year of your trip, the location of the tour, and the number of people allowed on the pre-packaged vacation. 

A custom consultant works to understand your budget goals early on. They use this guidance to craft suggestions meeting both your financial and sightseeing interests. Whether seeking a luxury look or budget getaway, the custom approach starts with your safari vision and desired spend. In the end, a tailor-made experience provides you with better value by delivering your dream African safari tour within budget.

Types of Custom Safaris

Luxury Safari Tours

Luxury Safaris Tours offer unparalleled indulgence. Consider opulent lodges adorned with handcrafted furniture and plush amenities, where gourmet dining is set beneath a canopy of stars. Personalized service and exclusive access to pristine wildlife areas make every moment a treasure.

Family-Friendly Safari Adventures

For families seeking meaningful connections amidst the African wilderness, Family-Friendly Custom Safaris have engaging activities and programs designed for adults and children alike. From interactive game drives to captivating cultural encounters, young explorers will embark on a journey of discovery that fosters a lifelong love for nature and its wonders.

Budget Custom Safaris 

For those seeking an affordable escape without compromising on comfort or thrilling encounters, Budget Tailored Safaris offer comfortable tented camps or rustic guesthouses. Discover reasonable packages that allow you to experience the magic of the African bush while still giving you the ambiance of luxury.

Group Safari Tours

Share your experience with friends and family on a Group Custom Safari Tours, forging special connections amidst the shared thrill of wildlife encounters and breathtaking natural landscapes. Laughter and adventure, crackling campfires, and unparalleled night skies shape the memories that bind you together long after the safari ends.

Special Interest Safaris

For passionate travelers, Special Interest Custom Safari Tours cater to your specific passions. Whether you are a seasoned birdwatcher, a photography enthusiast, or dream of unique cultural experiences, tailor-

made itineraries allow you to delve deep into your interests during your Africa trip.

What is Included in a Custom Safari Tour?

The typical inclusions of a custom-tailored safari package can vary depending on the package you choose. Generally, a custom safari package includes:

  • Accommodations
  • Meals and Drinks
  • Transportation and Transfers
  • Game Drives and Activities
  • Expert Guides and Staff

Experienced and reputable travel companies prioritize fostering deep connections with trusted partners across Africa. These collaborations with leading safari operators on the ground, allow us to not only curate exceptional African safari experiences but also access exclusive benefits for our travelers.

By nurturing these long-standing relationships, we gain invaluable insights into Africa's diverse offerings and unlock significant cost advantages. We translate these benefits directly to our travelers, ensuring they receive exceptional value for their custom wildlife experiences.

Whether staying the average length of 10 to 12 nights for your safari or spending three weeks traveling across multiple countries, our expert team will work closely with you to design the perfect custom African safari tour that focuses on the experience you want.

How to Choose the Right Custom Safari 

Research and compare options, considering your budget and travel preferences (including the best time of year to go based on your desired wildlife viewing opportunities or weather). Read reviews and recommendations, and consult with a safari travel expert for personalized advice.

Research and Compare Options

Comparing different safari packages allows you to identify the ones that best align with your budget, desired wildlife experiences, and overall preferences.

Several well-known safari travel companies cater to groups and therefore stay primarily at the larger lodge hotels. These are fine choices but you prefer smaller, boutique, and more personalized properties with fewer crowds. More bespoke safari companies are known for operating excellent tours with travelers loving the services but by comparing your options, you can find similar trips, the same guides, better vehicles, and more personalization for a better value.


Consider Budget and Travel Preferences

Your budget dictates the level of luxury and the inclusions you can afford. Aligning your budget and travel preferences will show you the best safari options for your desired experience.

Read Reviews and Recommendations

Reading reviews and recommendations from previous safari guests gives you valuable insight into their actual experiences, including the quality of accommodations, service, and wildlife sightings. You can then choose one with a proven track record.

Consult with Safari Travel Experts

Safari travel experts possess extensive knowledge of Africa and the diverse experiences a wildlife safari offers. Consulting the experts will help you receive tailored advice and avoid the many potential pitfalls. 

Book with a Reputable Company

Reputable companies like—Born Free Safaris—prioritize ethical practices, employ qualified guides, and maintain high standards of service. This ensures your safety, well-being, and a smooth, enjoyable safari adventure.

Custom African Safari Tours Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any age restrictions for participating in a custom safari?

Most operators require children to be at least 6 years old to participate in game drives and other activities. This is due to safety concerns and the need for children to have a basic understanding of wildlife and safari rules.

There are no upper age limits for participating in safaris, however, some activities may require a certain level of physical fitness.

What is the level of luxury and comfort on a custom safari in Africa?

The level of luxury and comfort on an all-inclusive African safari depends on your preferences and budget. You can have exquisite lodgings or exclusive tented camps, gourmet dining experiences, private and customized activities, and even butler services if your interests, budget, and time allow. 

What is the tipping etiquette on a custom safari package tour?

Tipping is a personal expression of appreciation that will not only be deeply valued by your guide and trackers but also leave you with a sense of fulfillment for having contributed to their well-being.

A general guideline for tipping includes USD 20 per couple per day for guides and USD 15 per couple per day for Trackers.

Tipping on a custom African safari is entirely discretionary, but Born Free Safaris understands that some travelers prefer the convenience of having gratuities pre-arranged. That's why we offer the option to include gratuities within your custom safari package, allowing you to relax and focus on your experience.

The decision of whether to pre-arrange gratuities or tips directly rests with you. 

Book Your Custom African Safari Tour with Confidence

A custom African safari presents the ultimate opportunity to plunge into the heart of Africa's untamed beauty. 

Sip sundowners on a private deck while overlooking an endless grassland where zebras graze and lions roar. Enjoy the scent of exotic spices and the warm breeze carrying the aroma of baobab trees. Experience the African safari you always dreamed of. 

Let us at Born Free Safaris curate your unforgettable African adventure.