Ethiopia's Omo Valley

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East Africa
9 Days/8 Nights
From $4,493 USD/PER PERSON
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Ethiopia's Omo Valley

A Land That Time Forgot

9 Days/8 Nights

An extraordinary opportunity to immerse yourself in Ethiopia’s desolate Southern Omo River Valley, where many of the local people live as they have for centuries. Though it’s not the easiest trip, as conditions are quite basic, your sense of adventure and spontaneity will make this journey unforgettable as you encounter the local people as they live in their daily lives. Our guides are sensitive and respect the tribal chiefs and their families, resulting in a beneficial experience for all. You'll discover ethnically diverse cultures and customs in some of the most isolated areas of the Omo Valley. This is a true cultural immersion into one of the most ancient lifestyles still left in the world.

The Omo Valley is in the path of the Great Rift Valley in south west Ethiopia. The area is home to tribes renowned for their traditions. From the lip plates to the white body paint, these are some of Africa's most pristine people.

This trip will visit authentic villages. Nothing is staged. A visit here must be only for the culturally sensitive traveler.   Due to the nature of this trip, there are times that itineraries may need to be changed or a village cannot be visited at all due to a meeting or even a funeral. This is what makes the trip to the Omo so special and so real, unlike many other areas of the world.

When traveling to Ethiopia we suggest aligning the trip with the colorful market days and if at all possible holidays.  Dates will change each year.  2020 schedule - Orthodox Easter, April; Meskel, September; Timkat, January.

Featured Inclusions: Specialist guide, all special invitational visits, Born Free Concierge Service, 24/7 Emergency US & Africa Contacts, Pre-Journey Briefing Booklet, Born Free Customized Backpack, Luggage tags, Personalized Bound Final Itinerary. Special internal flight fares are available when international flight is booked on Ethiopian Airlines. 

Full list of inclusions and tariff details will be sent upon request.

Request more information regarding combination trips with Ethiopia's Historic Northern Route.

Born Free Exclusive Option: All guide gratuities can be included. 

Journey Priced From: $4493 per person, double occupancy.

Rates are in US dollars, includes current taxes & park fees - subject to change.

Rates shown are starting prices, festive season rates may apply.

Request rate if you would like a single room. 

Does not include international or internal air. There are special rates for internal flights when international flight is booked on Ethiopian Airlines. If you are not flying Ethiopian Airlines, the internal flights will be quoted separately.

Is this your dream trip?

This journey is perfect for the adventurous traveler. Be prepared for changes in itineraries and long drives off the beaten path to one of the few remaining culturally untouched areas in all of Africa. Time shown general include some time for sightseeing but times can be longer or shorter depending on your pacing. 

A visit to the Omo Valley takes you to authentic villages. Cultural interactions and exact itinerary activities cannot be totally planned, as what you do will be determined by what is happening in each village on your visit. It is a trip only for the flexible adventurer who does not mind long roads and hotels that are not of the highest standard. But this is all part of what makes this trip one of most extraordinary cultural journeys in the world. 

Tailor-Made Itinerary: Ethiopia Omo Valley can be combined with the northern Historic Route. Rate reduction for combined trip. Extensions available to the Semien Mountains and the Danakil Depression Each itinerary is Tailor-Made to your individual interests. Your research has led you to Born Free Safaris, now let our Specialists create your journey the way you want to experience it.


  • Private Journey
  • Your Choice of Accommodations
  • Exclusive Born Free Safari Guide
  • Local Specialty Guides
  • In-depth tour of Addis Ababa & Mt. Entoto
  • Visit the National Ethnological Museum
  • Traditional Ethiopian Dinner and Festivities
  • Crocodile Market
  • Mago National Park
  • Rift Valley - Lake Langano and Lake Ziway
  • Omo Valley - an area where time as stood still
  • Learn about the Omo's ancestral tribes
  • Meet with Jinka, Dorze, Mursi, Hamer & Konso people
  • Hear about traditions from Shammas and Elders
  • Learn about the ancestral tribes
  • Visit the Colorful Markets
  • Attend a Traditional Coffee Ceremony
  • Special Departures for Festivals times Timket, Meskal

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Africa offers a wide array of fabulous accommodations - from luxurious hotels to premium camps to rustic hideaways. The accommodation can be as much a part of the experience as the destination. Born Free selects hotels and lodges based on their proximity to the best wildlife viewing sites, and also considers the property's views, compatibility with the natural surroundings, friendliness of the staff, travelers' needs, food quality and cleanliness. A trip can combine many types of properties depending on your comfort level, itinerary and budget.