The Best Luxury African Safaris, Exclusive lodges, and more


Escape to Africa for a safari filled with indulgence, extravagance, and sublime style amid untamed landscapes and spectacular and exotic wildlife. 

With African sun sets glowing behind acacia trees to toasting to the spectacular colors while enjoying five-star cuisine, you can expect exceptional service in worlds removed from everyday life. Adventure by day and unwinding by night with exquisite accommodations, you can be transported back in time with classic glamor or embrace modern indulgences, reconstituting the idea of classic safaris or pioneering new frontiers in sumptuous seclusion. 

Ultra-exclusive escapes await where raw African beauty meets sheer luxury. Uncover the most alluring destinations and the perfect luxury safari camp as we reveal how luxury safaris allow you to experience adventure on an African safari in exquisite creature comforts.

Top Luxury Destinations in Africa 

  • Okavango Delta, Botswana

The Okavango Delta in Botswana is renowned as one of the top luxury safari destinations in Africa. Its crystal channels and extraordinary landscape offer a unique experience for luxury safaris. You can glide along tranquil waterways in a private dugout canoe and then retire to an extravagant tented suite perched along the lush water's edge. Rated highly for its beauty and wildlife richness, Okavango Delta is a popular choice for those seeking a luxurious and immersive safari experience

  • Maasai Mara, Kenya

The Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya is widely recognized as one of the premier luxury safari destinations in Africa. 

This legendary reserve offers a private classic safari for adventurous travelers set against the backdrop of vast savannas dotted with acacia trees. After exhilarating wildlife sightings of the Big Five, you can retreat to an intimate luxury lodge, complete with private plunge pools, massage pavilions, and superb regional cuisine. 

The reserve's rich biodiversity and the opportunity to witness the Great Migration make it a top choice for travelers seeking a luxurious and unforgettable safari experience.

  • Sabi Sands Game Reserve, South Africa

The Sabi Sands Game Reserve in South Africa is a premier luxury safari destination in Southern Africa, providing exclusive access to the Kruger National Park and boasting high concentrations of wildlife, including the Big Five. You can indulge in 5-star stays at lavish bush lodges, experience sublime spa treatments, and partake in exclusive game drives led by an Africa safari expert and skilled rangers. With quintessential luxury safari experiences, Sabi Sands Game Reserve is a top choice for travelers seeking an opulent and immersive wildlife adventure.

  • Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe is celebrated as a top luxury safari destination and national park, offering exclusive access to diverse wildlife and exceptional safari experiences. The park's vast expanse and varied landscapes provide unparalleled opportunities for up-close encounters with a wide array of animal species, including large herds of elephants and other iconic African wildlife. With its luxurious lodges, expert-guided game drives, and unique cultural immersion opportunities, Hwange National Park is a premier choice for travelers seeking a truly distinctive and opulent African safari adventure.

  • Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe

Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a 965 mi² wildlife-rich paradise situated in the northern region of the country, on the southern banks of the Zambezi River. This remote and biodiverse wonderland is known for its unique opportunities for walking and canoeing safaris, offering a chance to spot a wide variety of wildlife, including hippopotamus, crocodiles, elephants, and diverse aquatic birds. 

The park's landscapes, adorned with acacia trees and vibrant plant life, provide a vital habitat for its large elephant population. Mana Pools is far from any human settlement, offering visitors a sense of extreme wilderness and the highest concentration of wildlife in Africa, particularly during the winter months. The park's exclusivity and natural beauty make it a sought-after destination for travelers seeking a luxurious and immersive African safari experience.

Most Popular Luxury Safari Destinations

The most popular luxury destinations offer unrivaled natural beauty, exceptional hospitality, and over-the-top excursions. From the glitzy modern allure to opulent tranquility, these destinations cater to travelers seeking exclusive and sought-after experiences. Whether you're yearning for a romantic honeymoon, a special celebration, or simply an indulgent getaway, these luxury safari spots promise unforgettable tours and extravagance.

  1. Mfuwe Lodge, South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

Mfuwe Lodge, located in the heart of South Luangwa National Park in Zambia, stands out as one of the top luxury safari destinations in Africa. This exclusive lodge offers a truly opulent experience, with its lavish accommodations, world-class dining, and personalized service. 

Guests can partake in a range of exclusive excursions, including expert-led game drives and walking safaris, providing the opportunity to witness the park's diverse wildlife, such as large herds of elephants, leopards, and various bird species, in their natural habitat. Luxurious amenities and unparalleled access to the park's rich biodiversity will provide the foundations of an unforgettable African safari. 

Matetsi Victoria Falls, Matetsi Private Game Reserve, Zimbabwe 

Matetsi Victoria Falls, located within the pristine Matetsi Private Game Reserve in Zimbabwe, is revered as one of the most exclusive luxury safari destinations in Africa. The opulent retreat offers a range of bespoke experiences, including expert-guided game drives and walking safaris, providing you with the opportunity to encounter the reserve's abundant wildlife in unique ways, viewing elephants, lions, and more. The lodge's lavish accommodations, personalized service, and exquisite gastronomy exemplify the epitome of luxury during your African safari. 

  1. Cottars Safari Camp, Kenya 

Cottars Safari Camp, situated in Kenya, is a distinguished luxury safari destination in Eastern Africa offering you an exceptional and exclusive experience focused on discerning travelers. The camp provides a range of bespoke excursions with a focus on expert-guided game drives and walking safaris giving guests intimate views of the region's acclaimed Big Five in their natural habitat. With its luxurious accommodations, personalized service, and celebrated culinary offerings, Cottars Safari Camp has become a coveted choice for those blending indulgence and adventure on an African safari tour.

  1. Makumu Private Game Lodge, South Africa 

Makumu Private Game Lodge, nestled within the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve in South Africa, is a top luxury safari destination that offers an intimate and exclusive experience for discerning travelers. The lodge's breathtaking location within the 'Big Five' Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, one of the largest privately owned nature reserves in South Africa, provides a stunning backdrop for encountering the region's diverse wildlife. 

With six luxurious and beautifully appointed suites, accommodating a maximum of twelve guests, Makumu Private Game Lodge ensures an exclusive blend of absolute comfort, style, and privacy. The lodge's superbly guided game drives, beautiful accommodations, top-notch levels of service, and delicious food, combined with its deeply inspiring sense of place, make it a sought-after choice for those seeking a rejuvenating African safari adventure.

  1. Virunga Lodge, Rwanda

Virunga Lodge, nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Rwanda, is a premier luxury safari destination that offers an unparalleled experience for discerning travelers. The lodge's high-end accommodations, perched on a ridge with stunning views of the Virunga Volcanoes, Lake Bulera, and Lake Ruhondo, provide an exquisite setting for encountering the region's diverse wildlife. 

You can partake in a range of exclusive excursions, including gorilla treks and golden monkey tracks, hikes to the summits of the volcanoes, and scenic walks through the picturesque surrounding villages. With its luxurious amenities, personalized service, and exceptional hospitality, Virunga Lodge epitomizes the very idea of luxury. 

Best Times for a Luxury Safari

The ideal time for peak luxury safari experiences is between July and October, taking advantage of mild, clear weather patterns that make game viewing and travel more comfortable across safari destinations. Rates also tend to lower during Green Season months from March to May. 

When planning a luxury African safari, the timing of your visit is crucial to ensure the best wildlife viewing and overall experience. The dry season, typically from June to October, is widely regarded as the prime time for safaris in countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa, Zambia, and more, offering excellent game viewing opportunities but it’s also incredibly crowded.  

The best time to go on safari can vary depending on the specific region and the type of wildlife experience you are seeking. Learn more about the seasonal patterns and their impact on wildlife behavior to help you make an informed decision about when and where to take your luxury African safari.

Top Insider Tips for a Luxury African Safari

When planning a luxury African safari, insider tips can make all the difference. From where to stay for your optimal wildlife viewing experience to the types of safari experiences you can have, find essential advice for a seamless and unforgettable Africa safari package. 

Where to Stay: Extravagant Safari Accommodations

Africa's most exceptional luxury accommodation deliver lavish amenities encircled by unspoiled wilderness, from glittering infinity pools to massage pavilions and superb dining exclusively for guests. Safar accommodations are inseparable from the overall safari experience. 

By finding the top list of elite safari properties, whether known for an environment of sheer indulgence or balancing luxury with raw nature, you can create your best safari tour. 

  • Taasa Lodge

Taasa Lodge, located in the northern edge of the Serengeti in Tanzania, offers an extravagant safari experience with its luxurious amenities and exclusive wildlife encounters. The lodge provides opulent accommodations, including suites with private pools, allowing guests to indulge in comfort while observing the surrounding wildlife. 

You can witness a diverse range of wildlife, such as zebras, wildebeests, and elephants, as they roam freely in the nearby wildlife reserves. The lodge's exceptional game drives and walking safaris provide an intimate experience with the region's wildlife, including the renowned Big Five – lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant, and rhinoceros. 

  • Khwai Lediba

Khwai Lediba is a luxury-tented safari camp located along the banks of the Khwai River in the Khwai Concession of Botswana. The camp provides an intimate setting with just six tented rooms and a family suite, emphasizing an atmosphere of exclusivity and comfort. You can indulge in opulent accommodations equipped with modern furnishings and amenities for an immersion into the beauty of the African wilderness.

The camp also offers unparalleled wildlife encounters, allowing you to witness the incredible wildlife of Moremi National Park, the oldest protected section of the Okavango Delta. Spot a diverse range of wildlife, including lions, leopards, elephants, giraffes, cheetahs, wild dogs, buffalos, hippos, and giraffes, as they roam freely in their natural habitat. The camp's array of thrilling activities, such as morning, afternoon, and night game drives, as well as walking and mokoro safaris can give you the chance to get uniquely close with the region's extraordinary wildlife.

  • Jongomero Bush Manor

Jongomero Bush Manor, nestled in the remote Ruaha National Park in Tanzania, is a pinnacle of luxury safari accommodations, provides an intimate setting with two elegant and spacious suites, seamlessly connected by a covered corridor, ensuring maximum comfort and style. 

Guests can indulge in lavish amenities, including stylish roll-top baths, extra-large rain showers, and a high thatched central relaxation space bookended by the decadent suites, all offering 180-degree views of the seasonal Jongomero river. This level of luxury is complemented by the opportunity to encounter the park's diverse wildlife, such as large herds of elephants, lions, and a variety of bird species, in their natural habitat. 

  • Chisa Busanga Camp

Chisa Busanga Camp is located in the heart of the Busanga Plains in Zambia, and is revered as one of the most exclusive luxury safari destinations in Africa. 

This opulent camp offers a range of bespoke experiences, including expert-guided game drives and walking safaris, providing guests with the opportunity to encounter the reserve's abundant wildlife, such as elephants, lions, and a diverse array of bird species, in their natural habitat. The innovative game-viewing vehicles are completely powered by solar electricity, offering almost silent and eco-friendly game drives that minimize disturbance to the wildlife. 


The guest rooms are designed as raised pods resembling weaverbird nests, offering an intimate and immersive experience in the wild surroundings. Each nest provides modern luxuries, including spacious rooms with comfortable beds, en-suite washrooms, and outdoor showers. 

  • Mukwa River Lodge

Mukwa River Lodge is set within the pristine landscapes of Zimbabwe, characterized by its stunning location on the banks of the river offering breathtaking views and a seamless integration with nature.  

The lodge's beautiful design features both indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing you to immerse yourself in the gorgeous surroundings in a premier luxury safari destination that offers exceptional and exclusive experiences. The lodge aims to provide a luxurious experience while also prioritizing the preservation of wildlife and local culture through unique sustainability methods.

Opulent accommodations, including elegantly appointed suites with private verandas, allow you to enjoy the comfort and witness a diverse range of wildlife, such as elephants, lions, and hippos, as they roam freely in the nearby wildlife reserves.

Luxury Safari Experiences & Activities

The allure of a luxury safari experience is multifaceted, offering a combination of unparalleled wildlife encounters, opulent accommodations, and the opportunity to support conservation and local communities. 

A luxury safari provides an exceptional and unforgettable adventure, offering you the highest level in comfort, service, and exclusive experiences that are truly worth the value. Whether it's the opportunity to capture exceptional photographs, experience secluded luxuries, or continuously learn about the wildlife and landscape, a luxury African safari promises you a journey beyond anything you’ve dreamed of.

What types of luxury tours and safaris are available in Africa? 

From bucket-list wildlife encounters to cultural immersion, luxe accommodations and conservation efforts to photography excursions, you can discover the many compelling reasons to book a luxury safari in Africa. 

Private game drives allow you to venture out on thrilling wildlife expeditions across breathtaking landscapes in an exclusive private vehicle with your own professional guide and tracker team solely dedicated to your party. Or immerse yourself into fascinating local culture during a village visit before relaxing in a private plunge pool as the sun sets. Luxury safaris stand out by providing personalized, exclusive experiences from start to finish.

Luxury African safari excursions can include, Game drives, hot air balloon safaris, walking safaris, river cruises, Mokoro excursions, birdwatching, Gorilla trekking, fly-in safaris, bush walks, bush picnics, photography tours, and more. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Luxury Safaris


What makes an African safari a luxurious experience? 

An African safari becomes a truly luxurious experience when every detail feels tailored and considered specifically for you. From the moment you deplane and receive a warm welcome at the airport, a luxury safari outfitter handles all logistics smoothly so you simply relax into the adventure ahead. 

Qualities like personalized service, indulgent accommodations that maximize privacy and the view, haute cuisine showcasing regional ingredients, and exclusive wildlife access turn an already bucket-list trip into sheer five-star indulgence.

How can I ensure a comfortable and luxurious safari experience?

Work with safari travel specialists. 

For nearly 50 years, Born Free Safaris has designed exceptional luxury African itineraries and cultivated enduring partnerships with the continent's top camps and lodges in order to provide an unforgettable luxury trip centered around you. Our expertise in travel logistics and long relationships with premier safari destinations allow us to arrange truly exclusive encounters with people, wildlife, and culture along with pampering amenities.

From private plunge pools to volunteer excursions with a conservationist researcher or guided walks through an esteemed safari outfitter’s homeland, expect indulgent touches and moving, customized moments that make a luxury safari with Born Free Safaris a distinctive experience celebrating Africa’s enduring spirit and majesty.

Choose the Best African Safari Vacation for You

Planning a Luxury African Safari can feel overwhelming, the experience can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

With so many details to arrange, proper planning ensures your luxury African safari goes off without a hitch. We walk you through important logistics from choosing a safari company to visa requirements. Don't be the person left behind while your friends share magical photos from their adventures in the bush.

Contact Born Free Safaris to start planning your adventure. Our safari experts have decades of experience crafting personalized itineraries to maximize your wildlife sightings during an unparalleled wilderness safari. Space is limited for the best time of year to visit, but you can start planning your safari wishlist or learn more about what you can expect on safari.